Michael Laubshire Included as a General Member Into the National College for DUI Defense

The Laubshire Law Firm, LLC is proud to announce that Attorney Michael Laubshire has been included as a General Member of the National College for DUI Defense. This is an immense privilege that will offer Attorney Laubshire numerous additional opportunities in the coming months.

A Nationally Recognized Program Equipping the Very Best

The National College for DUI Defense has its headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama. The College represents only the most qualified and experienced DUI defense attorneys in the U.S. With numerous years of experience as a prosecutor, police officer, and an attorney, Michael Laubshire exceeded the requirements necessary to become a General Member of the National College for DUI Defense.

Although there are several different membership categories, the General Members are recognized as the backbone of the entire program. Each attorney demonstrates a commitment to their clients and is proficient in the area of DUI defense. DUI cases require a unique level of proficiency and the National College for DUI Defense aims to further equip each attorney who passes through the program. The College offers a variety of seminars each year, all intended to develop trial skills and evidentiary examination tactics.

Attorney Laubshire focuses on a number of different DUI-related practice areas, including blood and breath tests, DUI defense strategies, felony DUI, and driver's license restoration. He carefully examines each new case, creating a defense strategy that best fits the client's circumstances. Attorney Laubshire knows how damaging a DUI conviction can be and works tirelessly to secure favorable outcomes for his clients.

As a General Member of the National College for DUI Defense, Attorney Laubshire is an even more compelling asset to accused individuals. He hopes to attend many of the upcoming seminars and gain valuable knowledge that will further benefit his clients.