SC Senator Facing a Second Round of DUI Charges

Less than a year since making national headlines for his first DUI offense, South Carolina Senator Ted Vick (D) was arrested for DUI a second time after an officer of the Department of Public Safety allegedly noticed him stumbling towards his car in the parking lot of the state House. Senator Vick has refused to comment on the incident and maintains that the police report contains false information.

DUI is not a new subject for Senator Vick and his family. Last May he was charged with DUI, speeding and possession of a deadly weapon in the midst of the Democratic primary elections. While the charges were eventually dropped, the Senator decided to remove himself from the ballot to spend time with family and work to improve his life.

One year later, the sequel of his story continues as the democratic senator is suspected of DUI a second time. A Bureau of Protective Services officer claims to have seen the senator “stumbling” towards his car in the parking lot of the South Carolina State House late that night. The testimony also includes the senator allegedly hitting a parking cone while driving out of the parking lot. These claims ultimately led to the arrest of the senator. The arresting officer wrote in his report that the senator supposedly smelled of alcohol and refused to comply with a breath test.

Senator Vick has yet to make a full public statement on this second incident, but his attorney has maintained that the allegations are false with every intention of fighting conviction. The senator claims to have had a “rock in his shoe” that made it seem as though he was drunkenly stumbling to his car when in reality, he was simply attempting to maintain his balance. His attorney also pointed out that the peace officer did not observe the senator’s driving long enough to make a proper judgment of his tactics. As to the parking cone claim, the senator’s lawyer said that it was due to the large size of his full-sized pickup truck.

The senator is simply suspected of DUI and has yet to be convicted. He and his legal team are adamant as to his innocence and have every intention of fighting the charge with aggression. Being arrested for DUI and then convicted has dire consequences, whether you are a public figure or a private individual. Make sure you have a legal team that will aggressively fight for your rights by contacting a Columbia DUI lawyer today.